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We provide a cost-effective and unique network of Cargo Integrator, Brokerage and Trucking Services.

Synergy Line Logistic Corporation (SLLC) is a cargo integrator, brokerage, and trucking company assigned to Manila and Subic, Philippines. It undergoes as a cargo consolidator in hauling, carrying, distributing, loading, and unloading all classes of goods and merchandise.

Our Services

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Cargo Integrator

We provide services in integrating bulk commodities between carrying the cargo from the waterborne vessel to the shore for import, export, or transit. We include processing, transporting, and temporary storage of the cargo in our respective terminals.

Freight Brokerage

Alongside cargo integrator services, SLLC provides additional brokerage services to connect shippers and carriers in order to oversee the movement of freight.


Our comprehensive trucking services provide reliable and efficient transportation solutions tailored to your cargo needs. Supported by advanced trucks and a dedicated crew, we ensure your cargo arrives safely and on schedule.

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